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The Ultimate Guide to Bedding


From mattress to pillows, we cover the basics for a dreamy night sleep.

The Ultimate Guide to Bedding | Wayfair's Ideas & Advice

Since we spend so much time sleeping and relaxing in our beds, it's key to pick bedding that meets both your style and comfort needs. Here are all the elements that go into making your dream bed, from the bottom up.

Mattress Pads and Toppers

These easy add-ons provide extra padding and protect the mattress from allergens like dust and perspiration. Mattress pad materials include cotton, wool, and latex, and the best option depends on the features you're looking for. For more, read our Mattress Pad and Toppers Guide.

Tip! Mattress depths can range between 9-14 inches—and a pad or topper only adds extra height to that. Check the combined depth before shopping for sheets, and if it's at or above 14 inches, look for deep-pocket (or extra deep) options for an easy fit.


There are three main factors to consider when buying sheets: thread count, material, and weave. These together will dictate the final look and feel, from warm and soft to cool and sleek. To find your ideal trifecta, read our Bed Sheet Buying Guide.

Tip! Stock up on sheets in multiples. The rule of thumb is three sets: one for the bed, one for the linen closet, and one in the laundry. Not only does this ensure you always have a clean set at the ready, but also helps minimize wear.

Bedspreads and Bedding Sets

These top layers provide added warmth and style, and can swap out for the season. There are four main options: comfortersduvets with coversquilts, and coverlets.

From the heaviest comforter to the lightest coverlet, each bedspread offers a different level of warmth, texture, and coziness. Check out our Bedspread Buying Guide to find the right option for your home.

Bedding sets are a one-and-done way to cover your top layers in style, and normally include a comforter or duvet cover as well as matching pillow shams.


The Ultimate Guide to Bedding | Wayfair's Ideas & Advice

Rest your head at night on a bed pillow that's tailored to your sleeping habits—whether that's side, back, or stomach. Pillows play a crucial role in how soundly you sleep at night, and it's recommended to replace them every 12-18 months as pillow fill deteriorates and becomes less comfortable. For more, read our Bed Pillow Buying Guide.

Decorative pillows (aka accent or throw pillows) are a quick yet impactful finishing touch—injecting a dash of style and comfort that's easy to change at any time. Bedding sets of five or seven pieces often include these as well as pillow shams.

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